How to Write a Research Paper in 7 Simple Steps

A research paper is an academic paper that is written to explain the findings of research and its significance.  However, writing a research paper is a lengthy task, and many students find it hard to do it by themselves. 


Most students prefer using an online essay writing service to get their research papers written. However, we have tried to make the research paper writing process easier for you. 


Here are 7 simple steps that you can follow to create a well-articulated research paper:



  • Prepare to Write the First Draft



Before writing the actual paper, you need to do some planning. For this, you can create a rough draft of the essay writer online, including the following details:


  • Write your ideas in the form of arguments. 
  • Add specific details to each argument. 
  • Read through the arguments to see if you are missing any details.
  • Properly format the arguments according to the format of a research paper. 
  • Organize the paragraphs properly. 
  • See if the draft clearly communicated the research findings and addresses the research question. 
  •  Roughly mark the citations along with the text that you have added in the rough draft. 



  • Write an Abstract of the Paper



Once you are done with the essay writer, you can begin writing the paper. The first section of the paper is the abstract. The abstract is a concise overview of the paper that communicates the significance of paper. 


The abstract is not more than 250 words and not less than 150 words. Moreover, it tells the reader what the paper is about and what they should expect from the paper. 



  • Write the Research Paper Introduction



The next section is the introduction. A research paper answers the “what,” “why,” and “how” questions of the topic. This means: 


  • What: What is the write my essay about. Tell the background of the topic. 
  • Why: Why is the research paper significant. Why are you writing this paper or conducting this research?
  • How: How will you conduct the proposed research. Just highlight the main methodology or the plan of action, don’t go into the details in the introduction. 



  • Document the Literature Review



A literature review is the section of the research paper that shows the present studies on the specific topic. While conducting your research, you go through various papers, books, journals to find relevant information. You need to cite that literature in this section. 


Moreover, you need to identify and explain the research gap in this section also. The research gap refers to the missing link between all studies. You need to tell what was left by other researchers, and you can do it.    



  • Write the Body Paragraphs of the Research Paper



Now you need to move on to the body of the research paper. In this section, you need to mention the research methodology that you followed in conducting the research. 


Further on, you also need to describe your research findings. Don’t forget to relate them back to your main research problem. You can also include any other discussion that you find relevant to your paper in this section. 



  • Conclude the Research Paper



Now you have to conclude the research paper through the conclusion section. It should efficiently summarize the whole write my essay research paper. Don’t forget to reiterate the research problem and key research findings here. 


Also, you should always add the future recommendations at the end of the conclusion section. It tells what the other researchers can do to carry forward the research conducted by you. 



  • Revise and Proofread the Paper 



Finally, once you are done writing the paper, read it twice or thrice at least. You can also ask an expert to read it and proofread it for you. When proofreading, you need to identify the mistakes in the paper. These could be grammatical or contextual. As you identify the mistake, revise the paper to eliminate those mistakes. 


That’s it - Your perfect research paper draft is ready!


Still, finding it difficult? 


No worries. Contact a “essay writer online” service today and ask them to write you a research paper. You can specify all your requirements to them, and they will write an excellent paper for you within your given deadline. 


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